It is Nice To Meet You

Hi, you don’t know me,
& I most likely don’t know you.
there is nothing a matter with it.
Just a fact.
I am not the type of person to meet new people.
& the people that already know me think I’m weird.

Well, Hi Im Evette Bailey
& welcome to my world.

Let me tell you about me, I am tall, thick and blonde. I don’t own any new clothes and I dislike pickles with the passion of a million priests.

I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t really know how to get one. In movies, they make it seem so simple. You just “run into” the male in question, and have a whirlwind adventure getting to know each other.
I don’t even have a bloody clue on where to meet a boy, let alone one I might actually like….. & that he might accept my weird life.

I have a best friend, Jane. Shes a bit of a puzzle in her own world. Lots of plans and goals for her. She has her whole life planned out by the month. Its ridiculous.

But enough of my my life that you can see. Let me tell you about the life I live.

It all started when I was little girl.

to be continued.............

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